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About RollersMedia

Hello my name is Zack Roller

I started my first and only mobile detailing business when I was 18 years old in 2014. in 2024 I am 28 years old and I have been able to grow my company's monthly revenue to 40k-60k per month. And let's get this straight, that is not my profit, in-fact, I believe my monthly profit to be $0 for the simple fact that I reinvest everything. But nevertheless what I spend my money on, I have been able to produce these numbers.


Why am I telling you this? Because I want to break your mentality of "It's not possible", it is very much possible, you just need to follow the right steps, have the right software and procedures in place, and understand the power of marketing. 

I will also be upfront by saying it has taken me this last 10, going on 11 years of business to figure this stuff out. I was not doing the things I show today, when I first started my business. So the idea is to accelerate your learning by offering you everything you need to know up front about having, or owning your own auto detailing business.

My detailing business


Now lets get started

Online Course Overview

Mobile Detail Equipment Guide

One Time Charge

1. Equipment needed to start
2. Direct links to each product we use
3. Chemicals, tools, compounds & Polish
4. We will include fittings & Hardware
FREE " Customer acquisition from your website" guide
1. Goes over website creation
2. How to get customers to your website
3. Facebook/Instagram Paid ads
4. Google Paid Ads
+Private access to our "Mobile Detail Equipment Forum"  where you will have direct access to Zack for any questions!

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I have a mobile detailing business but I want to grow, Is this guide right for me?

Whether you're not started yet or if you already own an auto detailing business. I think my guide will help simply because I want to teach you how to run your business more efficiently, and how to get enough work that you need to hire a helper and have the equipment to be able to keep up with demand!

Do you offer online consultation?

If you want more of a 1 on 1 approach I would recommend doing the consultation. Here I will sit down with you over a zoom call screen share where I will show you my exact programs, processes and procedures that you can start implementing in your business TODAY!

I will also look at your business and answer any questions you may have.

Can you setup a website, paid ads, and CRM program for me?

If you are not the technical kind of person, I do offer a service where I take your business completely digital. Including a website, online scheduling, lead capturing, social media presence, set up paid advertising, content creation (videos and pictures), pricing structure with process and procedures!

I want to learn this myself, where should I start?

I have created my "Mobile Detail Equipment Guide" where I show you exactly how I built my mobile detail trailer.
Then for free I include my "Customer Acquisition From Your Website" guide in which will dive deeper on how to get customers to your website through paid advertising. These customers will either book your service online, or they will leave their information so you can call them back and book an appointment!


Ready to grow your business?

There is nothing better than having the support while attempting to grow your detailing business. Join us and we will help you with anything you may need along the way!

Thanks for submitting!

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