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Mobile Detail Equipment Guide

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  • 155Participants


Are you looking for advice on how to set up your own mobile detail van? Included in this guide is every tool, fitting and equipment needed to start your own mobile detail van! I will include pictures, and direct links to the products I use every single day. It's so easy getting wrapped up buying a bunch of stuff you do not need, so my goal is to only show you what you absolutely need to get started, and how to effectively get the job done with the right tools. Also included in this guide for absolutely FREE is my "customer acquisition through your website" guide where I dive deeper into the technical back end of the business. Included website creation, Paid advertising through facebook/instagram ads +google and youtube advertising. We will show you how to collect leads so you can call customers back, or even how to add online booking to your website so customers can book 24 hours a day!!

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