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Starting Your Own Detailing Business

Maybe this is something you have considered for a long time, maybe it's a concept you just stumbled upon. Either way, if you don't have the correct tools and knowledge to start/grow the business, you never will.

Now I'm not saying you never make it work, I'm just saying that in order to get started, you have to have some sort of knowledge and education on not only cleaning cars, but running a business, developing a website, implementing a CRM program for your customers, playing customer support, doing maintenance on your equipment and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Sorry to burst your bubble if you're new to this, but you aren't just going to walk up with a sponge and a bucket and say "I'm here to detail your car". You can, but no one will take you serious.

What you need is a streamlined, professional approach to cleaning cars, accepting payments, scheduling customers, running ads, building a website and so on.

Now you can go and learn all of these things on your own, FOR FREE. Honestly, That's what I did. But I will also be honest about what I learned. The first one being: There really isn't a whole lot of content on this detailing business thing that really shows you a step by step guide from someone who has done it or is currently doing it. You have to figure out how to piece information together and learn as you go. It's taken me 8 years of learning this way to get to the point that i am at today.

My pitch to you is this, I have developed a blueprint, or a guide on exactly how to set up your mobile detail van to be able to have 2-3 people working out of it at the same time. I outline every piece of equipment, vacuums, tools, fittings and more so you can set your detailing van up the right way without having to sit here and play with legos trying to figure out how to put it all together. This has honestly taken me the longest out of all of it.

In addition to the Mobile Detail Equipment Guide, FOR FREE I will include where to build your own website, how to set up your CRM program, how to run paid advertising on facebook, google, and instagram. And I even bring up accounting software to help you keep it all under control.

This guide I was just telling you about cost $69, and you will be able to set your business up just like mine that does consistently 40k-50k a month.

Or, for $2,000 I will personally set up and train you on: Building a website, setting up social media, setting up your google my business profile. Also I will set up your paid advertisement through facebook, instagram and google. Setting up a CRM (customer relationship management) program that can help you keep track of your customers, scheduling, marketing, online booking and more.

I will also set up your employee management program, payroll, and even help you file for your business license if needed.

Basically for $2,000 I will be completely taking your business from pen and paper to 100% digital. The benefit to this is always having access to your information 24/7 and also being able to give and restrict access to whom you want. Taking your business 100% digital opens up so many doors for growing and scaling your auto detailing business. All things that I go over in my $69 guide, but hey, if you want me to do it i will!

One last option to keep in mind, I also offer consulting for $100 an hour. And most of the time I can get you set up on the right path in 1-2 hours.

So your best bet is the $69 equipment guide, which includes all the information in a very easy to read format. Or you can pay me $100-$200 up front to talk about and set your business up on the right path, Orrrrrr, you can pay me $2,000 and i'll set it up for you. Bottom line is, you need to spend money to make money, it's just your choice on how much and on what you spend your money on. Sometimes spending less money makes you more money, and sometimes spending more money, makes you more money. But what i'm getting at is you will have to spend some sort of money when investing in your business. Don't think you're going to get started with $23 and a water hose. Not if you want to be taken seriously that is.

as always, feel free to message me or post in the forums and I will attempt to get back with you just as soon as I get a chance

-Zack Roller

Nwa Mobile Detail

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